Trimix Blender Instructor



TDI Advanced Gas Blender Instructor

This is the Instructor level certification course for Instructors wishing to teach the TDI Advanced Gas Blender Course. This course involves the blending of nitrox and Trimix.
The objective of this course is to train Instructors to teach the proper preparation of high quality nitrox and Trimix gasses for use in technical diving. Upon successful completion of this course, graduates may teach the TDI Advanced Gas Blender Course.


Tec Gas Blender Instructor

You may be certified to blend gas, but do you want to teach others to do it? If so, the PADI Gas Blender Instructor course is just what you’re looking for.

The Gas Blender Instructor course is one of the most informative and comprehensive programs available, incorporating instructional philosophies and course goals that directly address the precise nature of gas blending.

You’ll learn the principles and procedures for oxygen cleaning, oxygen service and oxygen compatible air. You’ll also learn how to conduct the PADI Gas Blender course.

You must

At least PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor certification

PADI Enriched Air Instructor certification


IANTDTrimix Blender Instructor

This Programme is designed to train qualified Instructors to teach gas blending. There are two levels of Blending Instructors: EANx Blending Instructor and Trimix Blending Instructor.

You must be :

Must be qualified as an EANx Blending Instructor unless IAND, Inc. / IANTD World Headquarters or its Licensed Region(s) grants a waiver.

Must be a Trimix Blender or an EANx Blending Instructor recommended by an IANTD Facility that has a need for Trimix Blending Instructors.

Must demonstrate experience as a blender in both EANx and Trimix.

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Instructors Academic Sessions

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